The Thomas Wolfe Memorial: 3 Reasons You Need to Visit

The area surrounding the Esmeralda Inn offers visitors more than enough to keep them busy, from scenic Appalachian bliss to Asheville city life. Among the local attractions is the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, where the late American author spent his childhood. Literature buffs and novices alike will benefit from paying a visit to the author’s former abode. Here are our three reasons you need to visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial!

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3 Reasons to Visit the Thomas Wolfe Memorial


Wolfe drew inspiration from the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, and his writings reflected it. According to the site’s page on, the Thomas Wolfe Memorial was originally called the Old Kentucky Home boardinghouse, but Wolfe referred to the house as “Dixieland” in his novel “Look Homeward, Angel.” Vivid details of the house are included in the novel, and those details are preserved to this day. The house itself is a beautiful, sprawling structure from an era gone-by, and the excellent condition in which it remains helps visitors envision what the author lived, adding new life to a classic work. If you love reading the many Thomas Wolfe books, you’ll love exploring where this talented author did his brainstorming and writing.


If you’re worried that paying a visit to a historic site won’t keep younger guests entertained, then you’ll be relieved to know that the home’s website ( offers downloadable activities that can be printed and brought along. They include artifact search and identification games, a crossword puzzle and a student project package, among other items. Arriving with these in hand can transform your visit into an interactive educational experience for your kids. Teachers should take note, too, as they will find a wealth of resources at their disposal, including field trip information and lesson plans tailored for students from elementary school through high school. Pre- and post-visit study ideas are available, guaranteeing that students will get the most out of their trip to the Thomas Wolfe Memorial.


The Thomas Wolfe Memorial is located in downtown Asheville, NC, allowing visitors to not only experience the author’s former dwelling but the environment he grew up in as well. The memorial’s website provides not only a history of the town but of Wolfe’s parents and seven siblings too. Walking the streets of Asheville will help visitors appreciate the surroundings where Wolfe spent his younger years. Of course, the memorial is just one of the many attractions that draw people to Asheville. A vibrant culture placed right in the Appalachian Mountains, Asheville, offers plenty of dining and outdoor recreation. Use the author’s home as a starting point to a rewarding Asheville visit!

If you love spending time at the Thomas Wolfe Memorial, be sure to visit the nearby Carl Sandburg Home National Historic Site as well! It’s just thirty minutes away and offers its own fascinating history to explore.

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