A Perfect Day on the Water at Green River Cove Tubing

How do you plan the best vacation? Is it with warm sunshine, crisp mountain air, fresh river water, and tons of giggles? If this sounds like the perfect getaway to you, then it’s time to take a ride down the Green River with Green River Cove Tubing!

It’s no secret that North Carolina is an outdoor enthusiast’s paradise! But where are the best places to spend the day? To find more fun outdoor activities like Green River Cove tubing, just download our free Vacation Guide! This nifty guide includes information on family-friendly restaurants, hiking adventures, local attractions, and more!

Reasons You’ll Love Green River Cove Tubing

Family-Friendly Adventure

Green River Cove Tubing is a locally-owned business that has been serving the Chimney Rock community for over 35 years. Tubing is an excellent way to spend the day because it is fun for all ages and guarantees plenty of laughs. As an added bonus, it is a great way to incorporate exercise into your next family vacation!

Amazing Views

Green River Cove Tubing is an amazing opportunity to see the Blue Ridge Mountains from a unique perspective. Millions of people visit North Carolina each year to chase the rushing waterfalls and find tranquility in the Appalachian Mountains. Whether you are biking along the Blue Ridge Parkway or hiking the trails of Chimney Rock State Park, the Blue Ridge Mountains are breathtaking from all points of view! However, nothing compares to the views that you’ll find on the Green River.

Affordable Fun

For a full day on the Green River, you can expect to spend only $14! If you are looking for an excellent way to experience the great outdoors without breaking the bank, Green River Cove tubing is an excellent option. Tubing is an awesome and affordable way to cool off during the warmer months of the year!

Tips for Your Trip

  • Wear water shoes and leave the flip-flops at home. You may step on rocks at the bottom of the river, which isn’t fun if you’re wearing flip-flops!
  • Keep valuable belongings out of the Green River. Although the river is relatively peaceful, there are some robust rapids. The last thing that you want is for your favorite pair of sunglasses to go fly-fishing!
  • Know how to swim. The Green River is relaxing, but it isn’t considered a lazy river. There is no guarantee that you won’t bounce out of your raft and into the river, but that is half of the fun!

Book Your Stay at the Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant in Chimney Rock

Green River Cove Tubing is only 45 minutes away from the beautiful and tranquil town of Chimney Rock, NC. After a day well-spent on the Green River, you’ll be happy to know that everything you need is at The Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant. The Esmeralda Restaurant is located onsite and is known as one of the best restaurants in Chimney Rock! Check out our seasonal menu and you will quickly see Chef Keith’s commitment to serving up American-inspired dishes with fresh, local, in-season ingredients. 

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