The Best Ways to Explore Rumbling Bald Mountain

Nothing recharges the mind and body like an outdoor adventure with fresh mountain air, and Rumbling Bald Mountain is the perfect place to do it. This beautiful area is a haven for hiking, rock climbing, and exploring caves. Read on, and get ready for those breathtaking views, huge cliffs, and peaceful oak forests. And, if you’re searching for more ways to explore Western N.C., take a look at our free Chimney Rock Vacation Guide! Along with the activities at Rumbling Bald Mountain, you’ll find more than 100 recommendations on waterfall hikes, apple orchards, festivals, and more. Planning your next outdoor adventure couldn’t be easier.

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3 Fantastic Ways to Experience Rumbling Bald Mountain

1. Rock Climbing

North Carolina is one of the prime rock climbing destinations due to its beautiful weather, enormous cliffs, and incredible rock formations. Among the dozens of North Carolina mountains to scale, Rumbling Bald Mountain is one of the best. It has an estimated 1,500 bouldering problems that are easily accessible in the park. There’s a climbing spot for everyone, from the newest to the most avid rock climbers. The most scenic Rumbling Bald climbing takes place inside the caves. No experience or equipment is necessary, but if you’re looking for a trusted guide to lead you through the caves, visit Fox Mountain Guides and Climbing School.

2. Caving

You don’t have to be a rock climber to enjoy the caves at Rumbling Bald Mountain. The caves offer easy accessibility and incredible views. Interestingly, a series of earthquakes in the 1870s and 1880s created the caves and mountains of Rumbling Bald. At the time, residents fled the area in worry that the peak would erupt. However, the mountain is entirely safe and fascinating! If you are looking for more caves in the area, read our blog on N.C. caves and caverns.

3. Hiking

Hiking at Rumbling Bald Mountain is available all year, and each season offers a new way to experience North Carolina. As you wind through the forests, stunning mountain views and enormous cliffs welcome you to explore. The Rumbling Bald Hiking Trail is part of Chimney Rock State Park (and it’s only five minutes from our boutique bed and breakfast). It’s a moderate trail loop that is a little over one mile in length. This hike is the perfect morning or afternoon activity if you want some fresh air and exercise.

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