3 Reasons to Challenge Yourself at the Remarkable Lake Lure Golf Club

The Lake Lure Golf Club has stood the test of time, and standing on the green, it’s easy to understand why. The club opened in 1927 and features beautiful mountain views, a challenging 9-hole course, and a rustic log cabin-style clubhouse. After so many decades, the combination of these attributes continues to produce an allure that keeps people coming back. If you’re a lover of golf, nature, or history, make sure to spend some time here during your next visit to Chimney Rock.

Before you tee up at the Lake Lure Golf Club, don’t forget to download our complimentary Vacation Guide! It’s full of local activities that will make your stay in North Carolina lively and enjoyable!

3 Reasons to Visit Lake Lure Golf Club

1. The Views are Astounding

The famous Blue Ridge Mountains provide an idyllic backdrop for the Lake Lure Golf Club in Lake Lure, NC. Nestled at the mouth of Hickory Nut Gorge, the golf club is surrounded by tree-covered mountain tops and gorgeous granite cliffs. The lake adds a calming air to the 235-acre course, making it a great place to find focus and perfect your stroke.  

2. Historic Design Makes Lake Lure Golf Club Charming and Rigorous

The Lake Lure Golf Club was built during the “Golden Age” of golf course design and planned by Donald Ross. Financial turmoil in the late 1920s prevented the completion of the original 18-hole design. Still, the existing nine holes present a challenge that stimulates novice and experienced golfers alike. A golfer’s paradise, Lake Lure Golf Club is popular with many golf leagues, as well as individuals looking for a place to practice their game.

The log cabin clubhouse was built in the 1930s, a few years after the course itself opened to the public. It stands today as a warm, inviting hallmark of the Lake Lure green.

3. Try Something New: Footgolf at Lake Lure Golf Club!

If you’ve never heard of footgolf, this is your chance to try out this invigorating new sport. A combination of two sports, footgolf blends the precision of golf with the instruments of soccer. The rules are similar to those of golf, so those with a love of that game will transition easily over to the other. Instead of using clubs and a tee, footgolfers use their feet to kick a #5 soccer ball into 21-inch diameter cups. Just like a game of standard golf, the goal is to make each shot in as few tries as possible.

Footgolf is a wonderful way to exercise, and new players are sure to get hooked on this fresh activity. Get your adrenaline pumping with a game of Lake Lure footgolf, and become part of the expanding fan base for this American-born sport!


At Lake Lure Golf Club, you have the option to stick to tradition or branch out into something new. Regardless of which you choose, we invite you to relax after the game at the Esmeralda Inn and Restaurant. Unwind at our luxurious bed and breakfast, and dine with us after you’ve worked up an appetite out on the green. Contact us today! We look forward to helping you plan your amazing stay in North Carolina!