Why You Need to Experience a Haunted Asheville Tour

It’s no secret that Asheville, North Carolina is a haunted city. The surrounding Blue Ridge Mountains are the oldest in the country, and they bear the residues of Native American spiritualism, the bloody Civil War, and more. Asheville’s downtown area is also an ideal destination for those who are interested in the paranormal. From old hotels to creepy bridges, there are so many bone-chilling places to explore – and you can see them all on a Haunted Asheville ghost tour. Here’s how.

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Some of the Best Haunted Asheville Tours

Did you know that Haunted Asheville was named one of the best outdoor adventures by National Geographic? This spooky tour company was created by author Joshua P. Warren and explores Asheville’s dark history. It even takes guests to some of the city’s most enchanting and eerie sites, such as the Grove Park Inn, Helen’s Bridge, the Old Battery Park Hotel, and the Basilica of St. Lawrence. Tour options include:


This family-friendly adventure gives visitors a chance to see Asheville’s haunts up close. Your guide will lead you safely through the streets of downtown Asheville, telling stories about the city’s thrills and chills along the way. The Classic Walking Tour ends with a trip to the Asheville Mystery Museum.


The Supernatural Tour is an adults-only excursion that steps outside the bounds of a typical tourist experience. On this tour, your knowledgeable guide will touch on the local vampire scene, witchcraft, Native American mysticism, and much more. You’ll even pass through alleyways where dark and tragic events have transpired. This tour also includes late-night access to the Asheville Mystery Museum where you’ll see artifacts Joshua P. Warren brought back from Transylvania, including a sacred crucifix and a piece of Vlad the Impaler’s Castle.


Want to head out on your own? Download the Haunted Asheville Ghost Tour App for Android and take a self-guided tour of the city. The app includes an interactive map, ghost pics, and plenty of scary and tragic stories narrated by Joshua P. Warren. It’s available now on Google Play.


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