The Top 5 Things to Do at Buffalo Creek Park

A trip to North Carolina is never complete without experiencing the region’s natural beauty. Located less than 15 minutes from The Esmeralda Inn & Restaurant, you’ll find an outdoor adventure waiting for you. Buffalo Creek Park is a multi-use outdoor recreation park that offers an abundance of outdoor fun!

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Top Things to Do at Buffalo Creek Park


The trails in Buffalo Creek Park are some of the best Lake Lure bike trails and have even been recognized as one of the highest quality collections in the nation. Many of the paths have switchbacks that are banked for bikers along with man-made bumps, berms, and rollers. You’ll also enjoy taking in the beauty of Mother Nature as you ride by creeks, cross bridges, and wind your way through the woods. Since these trails pose a challenge, they are recommended for novice bikers. To find out your mountain biking experience level, Sacred Rides provides a skill chart you can use to decide.


Hikers are allowed to embark on the same trails used for biking. Of course, to prevent accidents, proper trail etiquette asks hikers and bikers to stay on their own side of the path. Designated sides differ by day of the week which will be shown at the trailhead. The varied terrain and uphill points of the trails make for a fun and challenging hike through the scenic woods. Don’t forget to stop and take pictures at the mountain overlook points!


Buffalo Creek Park is home to a boulder field that is a very popular destination for rock climbing. The sizable boulders are managed by Carolina Climbers Coalition (CCC) and offer a great opportunity for climbers to conquer new heights. Be sure to practice climbing safety and bring a spotter!   


Nature-lovers can’t get enough of Buffalo Creek Park! The area supports several unique plant and animal species and is divided into seven ecological community types. The most dominant of these communities is the Montane Oak Hickory, which is comprised of a mixture of beautiful oak trees. The rare green salamander also calls Buffalo Creek Park home and can usually be spotted lounging in the boulder fields.


Buffalo Creek Park is extremely pet-friendly and even allows you to unleash your dogs once on the trails. However, dog waste bags are not available in the park, so it is the owner’s responsibility to bring their own and to also maintain control of their pet. Even if you don’t bring your own animal, you’ll be sure to make a few new furry friends along the trails.

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